2-Ingredient Halloween Treats: Chocolate Lollibats!

2-Ingredient Halloween Treats: Chocolate Lollibats!

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Feel free to change as you wish. Years ago, I was ridiculously devoted to Halloween. Before having children, I would take time off work to decorate my house. Yes, I took vacation days to create Halloween characters, decorate my house with lights, set the scene with music and then bring all those creepy/silly characters to life. Here’s the thing: outside of cooking, I’m not much of a crafty person. I don’t have a sewing machine. Using a glue gun stresses me out. they are ghouly on windows, but also so cool inside hanging from doors and lights – and even on hedges outside! So, the girls absolutely love this crazy side of their mother. Yet, I have less and less time to pull it off every year, let alone get crafty in the kitchen with really cute Halloween food. Any other mothers with me? Mass-marketed Halloween candy is rife with artificial colors, artificial flavors, preservatives, hydrogenated oils, GMOs – not to mention dairy and gelatin. If you follow my FB page, I posted a couple of images over the weekend about GMOs in Halloween candy and also some alternatives. Link over if you want to have a look. Every Halloween our girls run through the neighborhood collecting stashes of this junk. We donate it or otherwise give it away. The girls are actually totally cool about it. They don’t want most of those candy. We sort through and find a few acceptable treats. Then, I trade up for the GOOD stuff. And also little bags of organic chips. Or, I treat them with some of my own homemade goodies! So, this year I was determined to make some sort of playful Halloween treat. 2) Nut-free so they could share at school. As I mentioned, I don’t have a lot of kitchen-crafty things.

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