2-Ingredient Chickpea Wraps

2-Ingredient Chickpea Wraps

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I have been experimenting with going grain-free recently which my gut my has been lovin’. Before going grain-free I would usually make my gluten-free buckwheat flour chapati/roti, but now needed a replacement. The only problem though is that it is traditional quite stiff and not as malleable as regular roti. I used my Mama’s recipe as a template and adjusted it to make it more roti like. Plus, only 2 ingredients are required! It's vegan, gluten-free and grain-free. Plus, it only requires two ingredients. Heat a large non-stick large frying pan over medium heat. Combine the chickpea flour, water and spices, if using, into a bowl and whisk very well. Add a few drops of oil into the pan and coat the pan. Using a 1/3 cup measuring cup for smaller wraps and 1/2 measuring cup for larger wraps, spoon out the chickpea into the pan. Use a spoon to spread out the batter in a circular motion making sure to cover any holes in the batter. You want it as thin as a crepe. Wait a couple of minutes and then flip over. (Each side should start to turn brown with brown spots). Cook for another couple of minutes on that side and then serve. Can be eaten hot or cold. Notes If I'm using a pan that isn't very "non-stick" sometimes I dip a spoon into the oil and spread the oil around the edges of the pancake so that it's easier to flip. Things I love: my family & friends, meditating, learning about healthy living and eating, making healthy food and eating healthy food.

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