17 Cooking Hacks Every Vegan Should Know

17 Cooking Hacks Every Vegan Should Know

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This BuzzFeed homepage is tailored for our readers in the USA. Can You Recognize These Art Inspired Tattoos? Which Member Of The Justice League Are You? Which Female Superhero Are You? Which Stephen King Book Are You? How Big Of A Movie Crier Are You? Can You Guess The Instagram Hashtag? Should Your Cat Run For President? Don't forget to share with your friends on Twitter and Facebook. You can create vegan buttermilk by adding vinegar to any non-dairy milk. Subsituting non-milk in recipes is easy — just keep proportions the same, and make sure to use the right kind. If you need to replace eggs while baking, flax or chia meal and water mimics the texture perfectly. If you don’t have chia, here’s a handy guide to egg replacements, most of which use more commonplace ingredients. Refrigerate coconut milk overnight and whip! If you’re out of Vegenaise, but have silken tofu in your fridge, you’re in luck: Vegan mayo is in your future. You can still use poultry seasoning to make a no-chicken broth. McCormick makes one with a blend of paprika, onion, and garlic. Get the recipe at My Vegan Cookbook. Use their biscuit dough to make delish vegan donuts. But you don’t have to make dinner rolls — turn them into vegan cinnamon buns. Vegan heavy cream can be achieved with a food processor and cashews. (Also, just ALWAYS have cashews around. Swap mashed avocado for butter. Recipe at Joy the Baker. You can also sub coconut oil for butter, which stays solid at room temperature. Nutritional yeast flakes can be used in a variety of ways to mimic cheese flavorings. It’s especially handy for making vegan parmesan. Keep a stock of puff pastry and pie frozen pie crust in the freezer (obviously, ones without egg or dairy).

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