15 Quick & Healthy Plant-Based Lunch & Dinner Ideas

15 Quick & Healthy Plant-Based Lunch & Dinner Ideas

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In this post you’ll find my favorite quick & healthy plant-based recipes, including soups, curries, pasta and rice-based dishes. The recipes in this post can either be prepared in 45 minutes or less or you can freeze the basic components (like the falafel for the falafel curry) and make the meal with a few preparations in a really short time. All of the dishes are vegan (obviously) but many of them are gluten-free too. All of the recipes are delivered in one handy PDF-document, which you can access from your tablet, smartphone or use on your notebook. The recipes in the eBook can be made in 30 minutes or less and are perfect for busy lunches or quick dinners :) And the best part is that you can download it for free, if you subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Find out more about “Everyday Vegan” here. Get my weekly newsletter & ebook Everyday Vegan!No spam guarantee. No one should ever say plant-based is hard! You are so good at healthy and easy meals Bianca! I'm Bianca and I'm the blogger behind Elephantastic Vegan - a food blog where I share my favorite vegan recipes! Why don't you have a look at our Veginners section? I only recommend products that I love.

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