15 Amazing Vegan Curry Recipes

15 Amazing Vegan Curry Recipes

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Especially in the colder months, there is nothing better than a bowl of hot, pure comfort food. Vegan, plant-based curries are by no means boring – they are flavorful and there are so many different kinds. Some are with chickpeas, lentils, beans, veggies, tofu, … even jackfruit! And if you’re still looking for a great flatbread recipe, make sure you check out my Spelt Chapati or 4-ingredient yeast-free & oil-free Seasame Naan. And please let me know your favorite curries in the comments below! Thank you for including my coconut mango stew, Bianca! Now I might just have to have some curry for breakfast. Thank you for inlcuding my butternut massaman curry! :) Thank you so much for your wonderful contribution! It was so great getting to know you this MoFo! I would LOVE to keep a bunch of us in touch year round! Thank you so much for including my curry! One of those dishes I would happily eat every day. Your round-up shows that this is very well possible without getting repetitive! The only hard thing would be deciding on which one to try first. Curries everyday would be so neat! Self-promotion can’t stink when it’s in the form of curries. the cauliflower curry looks amazing! :) Thank you so much for sharing! I just had dinner, but I’m getting hungry again when I look at these pictures! Thank you so much for letting me use your delicious chana masala in this collection! With these temperatures, I get curry cravings every other day now. Fall is all about comfort foods, right? yum yum :) (I realise I say yum to all your posts…. My mouth is watering <3 These all looks delicious!! All of these recipes look incredible, I can’t wait to make some of these! Curries on cold days = heaven!

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