14 Mint Chocolate Desserts for the Holidays

14 Mint Chocolate Desserts for the Holidays

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Dive into a plate of mint chocolate cupcakes, warm up with some mint chocolate cocoa or enjoy some mint chocolate cookies at a festive holiday party. Check out these 14 recipes and infuse your December with some refreshingly sweet mint chocolate bliss! These amazing recipes are all vegan too!.. This pie is topped with a creamy vegan cool whip style topping! These perky cupcakes are sure to impress and chocolate lover. Fun for a holiday party with kids. Get more info on these minty chocolate treats, perfect for your holiday cookie swap party! Follow Kathy on Facebook and Twitter for updates! She is the author of "365 Vegan Smoothies" publish date: spring 2013. (Photos)Citrus Nog French Bread French Toast. Further enhance your experience by turning on sharing to allow your own activity on Babble to be shared with your Facebook friends. Simply slide the 'On/Off' button to decide when and what you want to share with friends. Reading about a sensitive topic? Simply move the slider to the off position before reading the article. You can always delete any item from your activity that you don't want shared. See below for more information. This app will collect your basic info and share your reading activity on Facebook. You can now automatically share with your friends everything you're reading and watching on Babble -- no more extra clicks or updates to inform your friends of the hottest posts and information from your favorite bloggers. Let them see what you're reading, have all your friends do the same and consider yourselves the most informed parents around. Q: What if I don't want to share everything I'm doing? My boss will see I'm on Babble way too much, and I might be reading something on a sensitive topic that I don't want people seeing that I'm reading.

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