12 Vegan Drinks & Eats for your next Party!

12 Vegan Drinks & Eats for your next Party!

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12 Vegan Drinks & Eats for your next Party! In my opinion, that’s the best way to show how amazing & delicious vegan food can be and get people interested in veganism. Whenever I have friends over I feel like I’m totally in my element and whip up one food after another. I always prepare a few dishes, that can be easily reheated, in advance so I have the time for my friends and I don’t have to be in the kitchen all night long. These Whole Wheat Seed Crackers are so good and super crunchy! These Cheesy Poppyseed Crackers contain Nutritional Yeast to give them a cheesy flavor. These Wild Garlic Pesto Snails are easy to make, if you use a store-bought pastry dough like I did, and they look so cute! and they’re very garlic-y and delicious. Of course we can’t serve these crackers without a dip! My dip of choice is a Homemade Hummus with Parsley. You can also serve some carrot or celery sticks with it. These Soba Noodles Summer Rolls are great for parties because you can prepare them in advance, they’re finger food and you can dip those in a super creamy & delicious peanut butter dip! I love it because you make a huuuge portion, keep it in a big pot on low heat and everyone can get a portion whenever they feel hungry. Curries are also ideal for parties. It’s easy to make a huge portion and they are super filling – like this Palak Tofu. This Falafel Curry, which is also gluten-free, is perfect for parties as well! Fusion Kitchen is the best. Everyone loved those – they are super tasty! Drinks in cool bowls (especially fruit bowls) are so neat looking and they taste better when the presentation is right ;)!

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