12 Vegan Breakfast Recipes (many gluten-free)

12 Vegan Breakfast Recipes (many gluten-free)

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When I started changing to a vegan diet, breakfast always has been a bit difficult for me. I never knew what I could eat and I ran out of ideas quickly. This is why I wanted to create this collection of breakfast ideas. All of them are vegan, some of them are also gluten-free (tofu scrambles, chia puddings, spreads & chickpea omeletes). What kind of breakfast I eat, depends on the day and how much time I have. On weekdays, I often eat chia puddings or toasted bread slices with spreads, because chia puddings are great to prepare the day ahead and toasting bread slices in the morning is really quick too and I keep the spreads prepared in the fridge. On weekends however, it’s on! I usually make tofu scrambles or pancakes (or both, because why not :D). Let me know your favorite breakfast dishes in the comments! Get my weekly newsletter & ebook Everyday Vegan!No spam guarantee. Breakfast is the easiest meal!!! This all looks super delicious, Bianca! I can’t wait to try the chickpea omelet! I'm Bianca and I'm the blogger behind Elephantastic Vegan - a food blog where I share my favorite vegan recipes! Why don't you have a look at our new Veginners section? I only recommend products that I love.

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