12 Incredible Pies You Must Eat Right Now

12 Incredible Pies You Must Eat Right Now

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Not only are their pies very, very good, they also have a sign that reads “you won’t believe your pies”, and I am helpless to resist a good pun. I’m with my current boyfriend for his punning ability, and his punning ability alone. Are four corners the cornerstone of truly good flavour? In the interest of pie knowledge, you should eat as many of Square Pie’s lovely fare as necessary to find out. makes pies that are filled with things like braised beef and cheesy leek and potato, and are the perfect size for a mouthful (just short of three fingers deep). There is nothing more heartbreaking than a pie slightly too thick for your mouth, so kudos to them for making sure their pies are at optimum size. There were other pictures I could have used that had more #foodporn-esque shots of oozing pie innards. But you are getting the pie wedding cake because it is amazing and the world deserves to know about it. And they made a pie wedding cake for someone. Weatherhead & Sons, I salute you. At Hull Pie, you can see the pies being made as you walk in, and they’re all handcrafted, because of course. People say Hull Pie’s sweet pies are just as good as their savoury pies, and I believe them. I heard Hull Pie’s hair was insured for $10,000. I’m also pretty sure they do car commercials in Japan. And what more can you want out of life than a nice pie? They’ve also won roughly 29 awards in just 18 months of business, proving that sometimes nice pies do finish first. You’ll see this in the menu, with pies that are mad, but also quite delicious. And I mean the proper Dandy – not this “Dandy Xtreme” nonsense, a.k.a one of the most tragic re-brandings of our time.

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