10 vegan breakfast recipes to kick start your day!

10 vegan breakfast recipes to kick start your day!

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10 ways to kick start your day! It used to be that all I would eat in the mornings were 2 big bowls of Frosties and when I say big, I actually mean massive! Then around about the 10am mark I’d start to feel tired and be looking for a snack to pick me up a bit until lunch time. People aren’t kidding when they say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it’s what gets you kick started into the day and can either set you up for a day packed with energy or be a quick drop into lethargy as you come off the sugar rush! So many cereals are now packed with unnecessary sugar or have been made chocolatey when really there is no need, especially when I show you the 10 recipes I’ve picked out for some excellent ways to start your day. Some you can make a batch of on the Sunday to see you through the week, others you can make the night before and one you make then and there, so no excuses people! When I’m off to the gym in the morning I tend to stick with Weetabix or Weet-a-flakes with some coconut milk and goji berries, but I’m going to pick one of the granola recipes when I get home as they look super easy and packed with ingredients I love and I also think that the creamy avocado on toast will be right up my street, everyone knows I love avocado and don’t even get me started on how excited I am about the idea of the bagels for a weekend brekkie! Don’t be!Orange & Cranberry Scones, perfect for afternoon tea.

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