10 Vegan Snack Ideas for New Year’s Eve

10 Vegan Snack Ideas for New Year’s Eve

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In this post, I’ve collected my all-time favorite snacks that will keep your guests and yourself happy. For me parties are all about snacking (and drinks, of course) and New Year’s Eve isn’t an exception. I’ve provided some simple recipes for snacking (including my favorite cracker recipes), some for dipping as well as a recipe for a vegan chili – because what is a new year’s eve party without a huge pot of chili?! I’m sure your guests will love these dishes! At the end of the post, I’ve also included 2 links to two of my drink recipes if you still need some inspirations for booze. Now I can only wish you a happy new year and I’m so excited for the next year! I do have AH-mazing vegan recipes lined up, you do not want to miss those. Make sure you subscribe to my weekly newsletter (in the top bar, sidebar or at the end of the post) so you will always receive the new stuff, because social media is not reliable. Seriously, what’s a New Years Eve party without chili?! That would be so fun! I always love your snacks! So much great stuff :) I think I’m gonna go with the spinach crackers, they’re so much fun! I'm Bianca and I'm the blogger behind Elephantastic Vegan - a food blog where I share my favorite vegan recipes! Why don't you have a look at our new Veginners section? I only recommend products that I love.

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