10 Vegan Filipino Dishes for the Summer

10 Vegan Filipino Dishes for the Summer

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I grew up in the Philippines and over there we have only two -summer and winter. Summer in the Philippines could easily go up to scorching 100s and no aircon could feel like a sauna, so you could just imagine the bafflement of my family and friends toward my preference of hot weather. I don’t think I could say the same thing about myself now that I am acclimated to the weather of the San Francisco Bay Area. Yet, I still prefer warmer weather -or should I say the warmest out of the four seasons here. Summer is the time for outdoor gatherings, long days, and warm nights. It’s a drink that originated from my neighborhood, Digman Bacoor Cavite. Out of towners and tourists alike would flock to Digman to taste its delicacy. Veganizing Halo-halo is just a simple step of swapping cow’s milk to coconut milk (or your favorite nut milk) and omitting the flan (or you could substitute with vegan flan). You could grab the ingredients at the Filipino section of your neighborhood Asian grocery stores and at major supermarkets. Click here for the Vegan Halo-halo recipe. Just mix the ingredients, sweeteners, and milk, then freeze. It’s best if you have an ice cream maker, which doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. Filipino ice cream flavors feature fruits and ingredients that grow abundantly in the Philippines, flavors such as mangoes, purple yam, coconut macapuno, jackfruit, and many more. My favorite is the mango flavor. Not only mangoes taste sweet, succulent, and refreshing, they’re also easy to use in an ice cream recipe. Luckily, yellow manila mangoes are available at Asian grocery stores and major supermarkets so you don’t have to travel to Manila to get them! Click here for the Vegan Mango Ice Cream recipe.

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