10 Vegan Cheesecake Recipes

10 Vegan Cheesecake Recipes

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Can it get any better than this? Oh wait it can, because this cheesecake is freezable! Why not make ice cream sandwiches of your cheesecake instead? The perfect dessert and snack for warm summer days, this cheesecake ice cream sandwich recipe incorporates the intense flavors of blueberry and lemon – yum! With three colorful layers of black- and blueberry, lemon, and raspberry flavor it both tastes and looks fantastic! Btw, it’s also low in saturated fat. But don’t panic, google translate does wonders and with some common sense you can follow the instructions just fine. With 7 ingredients all together, the lime provides a nice refreshing tartness to the sweet creamy cake – it’s perfect. These bite sized cheesecakes are perfect finger foods and appetizers for parties, not to mention how pretty they look! Add some coconut and vanilla flavors to that and you have yourself a dish that will make your knees go weak. The chili gives chocolate a nice kick and enhances the flavors. It’s very different from the usual vegan cheesecake flavors, but different is good, and don’t knock it til you’ve tried it! If you have a vegan cheesecake recipe you would like to share, submit it to ourĀ vegan recipes page here! Join our VeggieFocus Weekly Newsletter to stay updated with the latest and best vegan and vegetarian recipes online.

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