10 Traditional Italian recipes made Vegan !

10 Traditional Italian recipes made Vegan !

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10 Traditional Italian recipes made Vegan ! Top 10 Vegan Restaurants Around the World 5 Reasons to Choose Raw Food Diet Samuel L. This is not surprising when in this region originate some of the most delicious dishes that are famous all over the world, such as the inevitable pizza, colorful pasta, eggplant made in different ways. But Italy is also home of cheese, such as parmesan and mozzarella. So let’s prepare some of the most interesting vegan Italian recipes. The main ingredients of pizza is cheese, tomatoes and of course pizza dough, and a combination of the topping depends on your imagination. If it is too thick, add a little water. The dough should be smooth and should not be sticky to your hands or bowl. On a greased baking sheet transfer the dough and spread it out while the edges should be a little thicker. Allow it to stand for 15 minutes. In the meantime, grate the cheese, cut the peppers, tomatoes, olives and onions into rings and mushrooms into sheets. Season the tomato puree with oregano. Coat the dough with tomato puree. Sprinkle with cheese and arrange the peppers, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and olives. If desired, you can add fresh basil too. Pizza should stand for about ten minutes. During this time, heat the oven to 200 ° C, and bake the pizza for 20 minutes. If you can not find the cannelloni in your store make regular lasagna and cook them for a couple of minutes, fill and roll lasagna to get the shape of cannelloni. Heat the oil and gently fry the white and green onions. Stir in the mushrooms, first fry over the high heat and then cook on a lower heat for about 5 minutes. Melt the butter, and fry the flour lightly, carefully stir in broth and milk to avoid creating lumps.

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