10 Kid-friendly vegan recipes

10 Kid-friendly vegan recipes

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We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. It’s tough to try and feed the little ones when they only eat what looks familiar, or eat the same three things over and over again. It can leave them nutrient deficient and can impact their brain development. Another great way to get kids to eat better is by setting an example of yourself — as the parent, guardian, older sibling, or what not. Eat a side full of steamed carrots in front of your child at dinner and exclaim out loud how delicious it is! During snack time, chomp on those apple slices slathered with almond butter! Kids imitate and they will eventually imitate your eating habits. With these two tips in mind, try incorporating some of these healthier versions of kid favorites into a little kid’s menu. They might not even know the difference! They hold up well in sauce and are filling and satisfying. Click here for more information. It was a big hit. Sign up now for the good stuff.

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