10 Hearty Vegan Camping Recipes for Your Adventures in the Wild

10 Hearty Vegan Camping Recipes for Your Adventures in the Wild

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And if you're vegan, typical camping fare will obviously give you pause, as it usually consists of hot dogs, hamburgers and freshly-caught fish. But you can celebrate nature by eating good, plant-based food too and by savoring lots of cruelty-free, delicious meals while outdoors. Sure, cooking outdoors can be a little challenging with the wind, bugs, and camp stoves, but that doesn't mean the meal can't taste great. To make the most of your time outdoors, prep your meals in advance by pre-cutting vegetables and measuring out spices, and focus on meals that don't use too many pots while cooking to save time and water while doing dishes. Also consider making treats and snacks at home to ensure you have good, healthy food while traveling, out on the trail, and in camp. Here are 10 healthy and hearty vegan meals to feed your family to give them the energy they need to enjoy your camping adventures. Stew them together with curry spices and fresh cilantro and you have a delicious Coconut Curry by Oh My Veggies that will satisfy many bellies. Pre-measure and grind your spices to make cook time faster and use boil-in-bag rice to save time doing dishes. Just throw the noodles into water (doesn’t need to be hot or boiling) while you’re cooking your veggies and they will soak to become pliable. Add your favorite vegetables along with this Easy Stir Fry sauce by Edible Perspective and you’ll be eating dinner in no time. Add a marinade or a peanut sauce to your Tofu Veggie Kebabs and maybe a side salad or some quinoa and you’ll have a complete meal. You could even skewer everything beforehand, making dinner a breeze to cook on the grill. But do follow the instructions for how to cook directly over the fire.

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