- Creepy Greens

- Creepy Greens

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Sometimes this makes it difficult for me to get experimental, on account of the majority of my salads are composed of fried chickpeas, kale and tofu. It’s my default reaction. Consequently this recipe makes my heart swell with pride somewhat because you’ll notice that I only used 2 of the aforementioned. I’m a creature of habit, ok?! Anyway, I have a massive girl crush on Calgary Avansino, British Vogue’s resident stylish health maven. Maybe it’s the insanely toned yoga/spinning body, maybe it’s the perfect hair and clothes, or her advocacy of trying to lead a sugar-free lifestyle- I’m sure if she saw me spooning peanut butter onto a large slab of dark chocolate she’d be innately disgusted with me, but one day Calgary, one day I will make you proud. Anyway, her Instagram account is flooded with pictures of her in candy stripe dresses wielding oversized bunches of peonies, perfectly styled sports day breakfasts for her tiny people and beautifully packaged vegan treats. Yesterday, she posted a picture captioned “get creative with your salads. Don’t just eat leaves.” I think those are pretty commendable words to live by and I’d like to think I incorporated them into today’s recipe. So behold my moderately fancy salad- because Calgary Avansino and my boyfriend said so. Cover and cook on a medium high heat for approximately 20-25 mins. Stir intermittently and make sure that the water is absorbed by the bulgur wheat. -When the water has been absorbed, add the chilli powder, cumin, ground coriander, dried apricot and stir thoroughly until all the ingredients are combined. Add a little salt and pepper. - In the meantime, add the broccoli, chopped up into florets, and the asparagus spears to a large baking dish, finely coated in oil.

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